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Women are the strength of the sociey


Luyando youth group was invited to celebrate the International youth day held at Matthias Mulumba. The celebration was made possible by a joint venture of different churches and Non-Governmental organizations. The results from Luyando youth football and netball team were very stunning. Luyando Foundation was award certificate of recognition for participation in international youth day celebration.
Congratulation to the Luyando boys’ football team for scooping the international youth day celebration 2016. The boys were awarded a trophy for winning the first position. Well done boys, congratulation once more again.

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On the girl’s netball team side, the girls become second after losing from the Bauleni sport academy. On the football side for girls, Luyando girls’ football team also became second after losing from the Bauleni sport academy in the finals again. According the youth coordinator/project manager Mr. Bernard, the girls were very impressive and determine to win the championship. It was unfortunate that they became second in both the netball and football in tournament.

Regardless the results, the girls were very happy that they were able participated in the international youth day celebration tournament. Congratulation girls from becoming the second in the both categories. It was unfortunate that the volleyball team lost in the semifinals. However, they managed to take up the third position. Well done girls.

Luyando Foundation will continue to empower the youth using the power of sport. Sport is well known to be one of the effective measures to engaging the youth. Luyando Foundation is very happy with the development of the youths. The youths are able to achieve teamwork, self-discipline through sport. Sports have been the most interesting and the most effective way for the Luyando Foundation to provide awareness and educate the youth about HIV prevention, gender equality, teenage pregnancy and drug abuse.

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