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Luyando School location

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Luyando School location

Luyando School started in January, 2012 as a support center for girls. Luyando School is situated south west of Lusaka City, about 2.7 kilometers from the Civic Centre. With high demand for education, the number of pupils increased from 10 to 51 pupils: 32 girls and 19 boys. The school offers education for girls and vulnerable, orphaned children from Chibolya, John Laing and Kanyama compounds

School management

Luyando School is run by four three teachers, who work on a voluntary basis. They are highly motivated to help, teach and support girls’ education. Due to limited accommodation, the school can only cater for grade one to grade four. The school programs run from 07:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs. Our aim is to run the school from grade one to grade seven and conduct lessons until 16:00 hours. Due to lack of funds, we are unable to provide the service. Currently the school is conducting lessons from a temporary building on rental basis.


The Luyando School is operating without enough textbooks and desks. The school can only use one toilet for all the pupils and teachers. However, the school continued to offer education to their pupils despite the above challenges and hopes to overcome these challenges in the future.


Despite all these challenges, the number of pupils enrolling continues to grow. Currently, the school has 71 pupils, 52 girls and 19 boys.