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Women are the strength of the sociey


John Laing Community has no hospital nor clinic. The HIV pregnant women have to walk from community to another in order to receive prenatal care from the government clinic in another community called Kanyama. In Zambia, 16.4 percent pregnant women are attending antenatal clinic and are living with HIV virus. It is estimated that with the prevention of Mother to Child Transmission interventions, 80,000 out 500,000 children born from HIV positive mother are exposed to HIV every year. In Zambia, more than 28,000 children are born with HIV and more 120,000 children under 15 years in Zambia are living with HIV. Zambia is part of the 25 countries recorded to have the highest estimated number of pregnant women living with HIV and they are need of antiretroviral to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. This includes the number of children who are in need of ART (UNICEF, 2015).