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Women are the strength of the sociey


Luyando youth group was invited to celebrate the International youth day held at Matthias Mulumba. The celebration was made possible by a joint venture of different churches and Non-Governmental organizations. The results from Luyando youth football and netball team were very stunning. Luyando Foundation was award certificate of recognition for participation in international youth day

Luyando School Education Tour

In September 2015, Luyando School had an educational tour for the children at Luyando School. The purpose of the tour was to educate children about the history of Zambia by visiting the historic museum such as the Lusaka National Museum and Railway Museum. The children at Luyando School also visited the Munda Wanga wildlife Park.

Luyando women training how to make soap

Luyando women last week had a training on how make soap. Soap making project was one of the great initiatives to promoting “Hygiene” in the community of john laing. The project will significantly benefit the women to generate income to support their families. The project was undertaken because it’s promotes “hygiene” and it will also

Luyando Foundation Youth

World AIDS Day football tournament 2015

More than 33 million people are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Luyando football team for both girls and boys yesterday participated in the World AIDS Day football tournament. The tournament took place in Matero stadium in Lusaka Zambia. Both Girls and Boys under 14 managed to win both the competition for girls and boys