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Women are the strength of the sociey


Women in Africa have always been active in various activities, being fiercely loyal to their family and community and working hard to maintain family health and income. They are the household managers and provide food and water, education and family planning. In fact, this workload has increased with the changing economic and social situation in Africa.

The HIV pandemic has swept away many husbands, making the women even more responsible for their families. Seemingly incompatible with this, is the way the majority of African women are looked upon as lesser human beings, as well as the bias in the national educational system against women’s participation. More than two-thirds of Africa’s illiterates are women. Women are regarded as inferior to men and are not expected to aspire to ‘male’ professions, such as engineering, computing, architecture, and medicine.

In poor countries, extending access to education and training is often difficult when cultural and monetary costs are high or benefits seem limited. When families face economic problems, they prefer to invest limited resources in education for boys rather than for girls.

Women are the heart and strength of the community – work with us to empower African women.