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Women are the strength of the sociey

World AIDS Day football tournament 2015

More than 33 million people are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Luyando football team for both girls and boys yesterday participated in the World AIDS Day football tournament. The tournament took place in Matero stadium in Lusaka Zambia. Both Girls and Boys under 14 managed to win both the competition for girls and boys World AIDS Day tournament. Both the girls and boys were awarded 2 trophies. The tournament was organized by the Bauleni Sport Academic Peer teachers. The Theme for the tournament was for World AIDS Day: ZAMBIA’S FUTURE GITTING TO ZERO WITH NEW INFECTION.

Luyando Foundation shall continue empowering the youths using the power of football. Luyando Foundation want thank Bauleni Sport Academic Peer teachers for organizing the World AIDS Day football tournament. Luyando Foundation also wants to thank Luyando youth football team for both girls and boys for participating in the World AIDS day tournament. Furthermore, Luyando Foundation is thanking Mr. Barnard for working extra hard to make sure that Luyando Youth both girls and boys were provided with all the necessary help they needed. The youth went through a very powerful HIV/AIDS and MC lessons. Prevention, care, and treatment are the cornerstones to addressing this profound global issue.

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