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Luyando School Education Tour

In September 2015, Luyando School had an educational tour for the children at Luyando School. The purpose of the tour was to educate children about the history of Zambia by visiting the historic museum such as the Lusaka National Museum and Railway Museum. The children at Luyando School also visited the Munda Wanga wildlife Park. The zoo is very large with a lot of wild animals. The animals at Munda Wanga are there for different reasons. And also there are some animal which are there for rehabilitation purposes. Othere are there because there were found on the road side been sold. Animals like Zebra and impala are there as Ambassadors because of their species. The main reason for the visit to Munda Wanga was for the children to see live animals such as Lions, Zebra and crocodile in live not just from the books. The main reason is for education and encourage the children the importance of to conserve the environment around them.

The children had wonderful time during the educational tour. There were asking a lot of questions. It was interesting to see children at Luyando School asking questions like, why are the people killing the animals? And other questions, there were asking includes what is going to happen if the animal finishes in Zambia? Does this means there are not going to be animal any more in Zambia. Luanda Foundation is planning to make this program a yearly program. This is the first time the education tour was arranged for the children.


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